Timothy Cox

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Timothy Cox Photography is a photography brand that focuses on telling your story by creating an emotional connection between the viewer and the viewed. I believe there are no two clients who are the same; therefore, no two photo shoots should be the same. TCP is dedicated to creating a product that will best depict the message that connects with your ideal customer while telling your story.


How I Got started

Stories telling has always captured my imagination, As a small child, I loved learning about other cultures, and their mythology. Even before I could read I would get history books and stare at the photos creating my own stories of who the people in the images were, and imagining what great things they did to be immortalized in those pictures located in the books before me.

As I got older, it seemed like a natural progression to take my love of stories captured through images and start taking photos myself. I remember as a teenager taking my parent's small point and shoot digital camera that was only 3 megapixels, and taking photos of my life and the travels that we did as a family. Finally, when I was in college, I bought my first DSLR camera. I then took a semester off college and spent 5 months traveling around Africa taking photos, and ever since I've been hooked.


Contact Information

Phone: (412) 228-2671 

Email: Timothycoxphotography@gmail.com