Taking Pittsburgh Wall Art to the next Level

     This past August, I had the opportunity to spend some time  photographing Dan Kitchener, a UK based muralist. The owners of New Amsterdam, along with Ziggy Sawdust Productions, arranged for Dan to create his first U.S. mural on the wall of the New Amsterdam building in Pittsburgh at 45th and Buttler St in Lawrenceville. 
    While Dan was creating the mural I had the privilege of getting to spend time with him. I learned that Dan has worked alongside Banksy and many other talented street artists over the years. This year alone Dan has created murals in over nine countries around the world. I also learned that this photoshoot was his first ever official portrait with his work. So, I wanted to make sure to create something unique for him. I've always taken the stance when taking photos that a good portrait should tell a story. It should capture their personality, so that when someone looks at the image, the viewers are able to understand a little bit more about that person's life and history. I feel that I was able to capture this with Dan. 
  If you've not had the opportunity to see the mural, I recommend you stop in at the New Amsterdam, have a drink, and take in Kitchener's beautiful mural.  

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