Emmyson Sichikrta

   September, I had the opportunity of traveling through Zambia and Malawi with Global Partners, a world aid organization. While I was in Zambia I had the opportunity to spend time with Rev. Emmyson Sichikrta a local pastor in the village of Choma in Zambia. Emmyson saw that many of the orphans and vulnerable children (children of families where the breadwinner has passed away) were not able to attend schools due to high school fees. You see, in Zambia, there is no free public schooling. This became a large problem in his community and in many others across Africa.                        

   So instead of waiting for someone else to come and give them a handout or creating some temporary change, Emmyson decided to be the change. He took the resources that he had available to him and opened his small one room church building which became a school house during the week. It didn't take long before they were no longer fitting into the small church building, so the church helped raise money to build a new school house. But as they keep building new buildings, the school just keeps growing. Now, just a few years later, they have 280 boys and girls attending with 8 teachers offering K through 7th grade. Emmyson saw a need and instead of just feeling like it was too big of a problem for a poor pastor in the middle of Zambia, he decided to take what was available to him and to be the change in his community.