Keeping your Bridges

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   Recently I was reminded why you should never burn bridges. You see I was doing research on a new client I was going after when I stumbled upon a job they had worked on for Tyler Mountain Water that had photos that I had taken for them last year. (To visit Tyler Mountain Water Website)  

You see, after college, I was like most recently graduated art majors. I had lots of passion but no money. So after moving to Pittsburgh, I got a job driving a truck for Tyler Mountain Water in Plum, PA. It seemed like a great job at the time. It paid great, I liked the people that I got to work with, and the company felt like a family. But if I'm to be fully honest I hated the job. The hours were long, it was an extremely physical job, and it required zero creativity. And as I looked around at many of my friends that I had graduated with, they were all  getting cool photography jobs shooting and assisting some great photographers. Yet here I was, driving a truck through the Pennsylvania countryside. But I was determined to stick with it, because I had figured out that if I worked for TMW for 15 months, I could pay off all of my student loans. Then I was going to move to NYC where I was going to become the next Annie Leibovitz.

   But after three months of driving, something happened that had never happened to me before. I was called into my manager's office and was told that even though I was a hard worker, they just didn’t think that I was the right fit for them. Then I was told the phrase that i had heard many times from Trump on his reality TV show the Apprentice: “You're FIRED!” I had never been fired in my life. Now, I could have easily said "Screw you," and walked out and bad mouthed the company. I mean, I was working my butt off for them. I had given up my summer and I was going to be able to pay off my student loans in just over a year. And now, that was never going to happen. I was a broke, out of work artist again. But I learned a long time ago that no matter what, you always treat people how you want to be treated. So I thanked Andy, my manager, for the opportunity to work with Tyler Mountain and walked out with my head up.

As I was driving away, I told myself that one day, they were going to hire me back. But next time, it would be on my terms as a photographer.  

And you know what? Almost four years later, I got a call from a friend that still worked for Tyler Mountain. He asked if I would be interested in coming back to help do photography for their new website.

So when life seems to be falling apart, and your plans no longer seem to be taking you where you want to be going, remember that just because plans change, people hurt you, or you get fired, keep your head up and keep chasing your dreams!

Now Five years later and Im still following my dreams,  but now Im a full time commercial photographer. So even though I still haven't moved to NYC and become that famous photographer I dreamed of right out of collage, I've keep my eyes on my dreams and have continued to move forward for I have learned you will never achieve your dreams if you quite when times get hard.

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