This Is My Family Volume #2

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“The choices we make about the lives we live determine the kinds of legacies we leave.” 
                ― Tavis Smiley

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If you were to visit my grandfather, Rev. John Croft, or my grandmother, Naomi Croft, you would find them in their home in the middle of nowhere PA. My grandfather would be in his garden tending to his tomato plants or in his woodworking shop building something with his hands. My grandmother would be keeping herself busy taking care of their small home or fixing the best fried chicken in the world. To look at these two, you would never know the impact they have had on this world. This elderly couple, in their eighties, has had anything but a normal life. My grandparents met after my grandfather returned from the war, at Frankfort Pilgrim College in Frankfort, Indiana, and they have been traveling the world ever since.

  A long time ago they made a decision to live their lives serving others, and this decision almost cost them their lives on more than one occasion. They have stuck to their beliefs, and they have let their faith in God lead them to trust in something that they can't see. Because of this decision, millions of lives have been touched. From these two individuals and their descendants, schools have been built; new churches have been started; wells have been dug; orphans have been given homes; addicts and alcoholics lives have been transformed, and communities have been changed in countries around the world.

 My Grandparents are my heroes because they chose to take the path less traveled, they chose to live their lives for something bigger than themselves, and because of this, I am proud to be able to say, "this Is my family!"


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This is the second Volume in a personal project called, "This is My Family". If you would like to read the first volume it can be found at